Massage Testimonials

“I’d buy all my clothes at Goodwill before I’d give up my massage therapy with Shannon”–K.D.G.

“Shannon has been as good for my mental health as she has been for my aching back, neck and shoulders. The first time I felt I might be able to feel happy again after I lost my mom was walking out of Shannon’s office after a massage.”–K. G.

“I have been receiving weekly massage for over 25 years. I happened upon Shannon through a gift certificate, and by the end of that first massage, I knew she was the best LMT to ever lay hands on me.  Shannon’s amazing work is the result of her knowledge of anatomy combining with an intuitive sense of touch.  Shannon is absolutely fascinated by the body and how it works. So if one particular muscle is sore, she knows what it is, where its release points are, what other muscles are likely to also be tight, and what motion I did to cause the spasm.  And if you’ve ever had a massage where the provider did not quite work on exactly the right point, you will understand what I mean when I say that Shannon’s hands always go to exactly the place that needs it most.  She gives a deep and thorough massage, but never moves into painful muscles any faster or harder than they will accept.  Shannon’s work has helped me heal chronic pain points, new injuries, work-related neck pain, sciatica, and the results of overwork in my garden. I always leave her table feeling better than I arrived, and usually feel like I’ve got a whole new body, where ease and spaciousness has replaced pain and contraction. Every friend I have ever sent to Shannon has thanked me for the recommendation”–V. R.

“Shannon is a truly gifted massage therapist. She is warm, inviting, accommodating, and really goes above and beyond to ensure an incredible massage experience. She’s spot-on when working on ‘trouble’ areas, and provides great advice on continuing care. My hour with Shannon always passes much too quickly! I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a great massage experience.”–K. L.

“I appreciate that Shannon pays attention to (and remembers) my specific issues related to bodywork as well as my personality and preferences.”–M. P.

“Every time I see Shannon, I feel like I’m visiting an awesome friend that makes me feel better and more relaxed than I did when I got there.”–M. Y.

“I discovered massage about 20 years ago and knew that I would want it to be part of my personal health care. The challenge was finding someone who was consistent, professional and informed. I met Shannon about 8 years ago and am so grateful she’s in my life! Shannon helped heal me through a broken hip, knee surgery, back injury, neck injury (I know, I’m a mess), and general aches and pains. Shannon’s deep tissue and trigger point body work has helped my healing through all my physical challenges. Shannon is an expert, a professional, someone I trust completely and will be forever grateful for.”–C.A.B.

“I have been a client of Shannon’s for over 8 years. I often joke that Shannon is the reason I’m walking upright and without a constant grimace of pain on my face. But it’s funny because it’s true.  Shannon has the ability to adjust her work to not only what you tell her you’re feeling but what she herself feels when she’s working on you. I’ve often been surprised at the ease at which she discovers my pain points and quickly manipulates them into pain free points.  She has greatly reduced my sciatica problem to where I rarely have any pain anymore. And when there is a slight flare up, Shannon is right there to beat it into submission.  And by beat I mean gently soothe away.  Shannon is pretty much the end-all be-all for me. She’s awesome in every way. I recommend her to everyone.” –C. P.

“Shannon provides the best massages I have ever received. She asks how I am feeling before each session and tailors her treatment to my specific problem areas. She also gives me ides for stretches to do between sessions to keep me feeling my best. She is amazing. talented, strong, organized, professional and thoughtful.” –K. N.

Shannon Put Me Back Together
“In the immediate aftermath of a traumatic accident, Shannon provided me with critical hands-on acute care.  Her understanding of my fear, pain, and injury (herniated discs, nerve damage, dislocated pelvis, PTSD) calmed me physically and mentally.  Shannon’s impressive connections helped me find excellent doctors and care providers in a variety of fields (and states) that managed my recovery over 18 months.  And, she worked closely with my medical team to ensure her massage was a therapeutic compliment to their work.  While I can’t say her work on my injuries was always comfortable, I can absolutely and wholeheartedly say that any immediate discomfort paid off in huge steps forward in my rehab and recovery.  I am truly grateful for Shannon’s expertise, patience, and professionalism.  Plus, her fabulous ‘table-side manner’ meant I always looked forward to our appointments.  Shannon truly set the bar that I judge all massage therapists by; it is a privilege to give her my highest recommendation.” –H. H.


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