MELT Tools

WE HAVE MOVED! As of June 1st, we will be Full Circle Fitness and located at 1711 Willamette St #302!  All MELT classes and massage appointments are in the new location! Please visit for current information!

MELT products are available for purchase in my studio. MELT uses a very soft foam roller and small balls to stimulate and hydrate the connective tissue. There are many rollers available on the market today. However, no other rollers are as soft as the MELT roller. Connective tissue responds best to very gentle, slow compression.


MELT Hand and Foot Ball Kit: $40 (Includes two full sets of 4 balls (8 total), and written instructions.)

NEW MELT Hand and Foot DVD: $15 (2 discs, includes 2.5 hours of all the Hand and Foot Treatments and Techniques)

Ballkitand DVD2015

NEW MELT Roller DVD: $25 (3 discs, with over 4 hours of detailed information and tutorials about all the moves in the book. Includes 3 maintenance maps)


MELT Soft Foam Roller: $60 (5 inch circumference, memory foam)

MELT Soft Half Roller: $45 (memory foam)


MELT Book: $20

MELT Book Cover

MELT Resistance Bands: $15


OPTP rollers: $40 (soft foam rollers that are 6 in circumference. This is the roller we used before we upgraded to the smaller, softer roller.)

Products are available a few minutes before and after every class. If you do not attend classes but would like to purchase the products, please email to arrange a time to stop by and pick them up.


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