MELT Testimonials

WE HAVE MOVED! As of June 1st, we will be Full Circle Fitness and located at 1711 Willamette St #302!  All MELT classes and massage appointments are in the new location! Please visit for current information!

  • “Thanks for how you’ve helped my life with MELT. I feel very little pain these days and my plantar fasciitis is 90% better.   I’m confident that I will get 100% better now, and I can tell you that I did not have this confidence before I learned to MELT.” -T.M.
  • You have a talent that is profound and humorous I can tell you that in my career as a Health and Fitness Specialist I have never been in the presence of a person who connects so well with their clientele with absolutely wonderful communication, gives plenty of cueing, and has the gift of adding humor when the clientele is working hard. You make it fun and I know people including myself want to come back not only to help ourselves but because of the connection you bring- thank you for being you and leading us in MELT.” -V.A.
  • “I am an advanced yoga practitioner with some chronic sacrum issues I have sought PT help with for many years. I LOVE that MELT is teaching me how to cultivate my home MELT practice, eliminating expensive therapies! Shannon is very skilled at teaching a multi-level class, which is small enough for her to pay attention to each of our progress and issues. I benefit from Shannon reminding us that light pressure and slow movements (no discomfort!) are the key to progress and pain free living.” -K.S.
  • “Thank you, Shannon! MELT makes me feel so good! I feel so good it makes me want to sing!” -N.L.
  • “I’ve been attending Shannon’s MELT classes for over a year and a half.  The differences in my health and physical comfort have been both subtle and profound. For the first time in my entire life, I not only have a core, but I can find it and engage it.  My posture has improved. My feet don’t hurt all the time. The chronic pain in my SI joint is blessedly gone and forgotten. I rarely have headaches and I used to have them all the time. I don’t ache for days after gardening or biking. My chronic vertigo has all but disappeared.  Everything just seems to work better.  Now that I’m taking the strength class, I notice even more amazing changes as muscles that have been long dormant, come to life.  Shannon is a superb instructor as well as being attentive, funny, kind and supportive to all of us.  Class is a joy, albeit a physically challenging joy. I recommend it to everyone.” -C.S.
  • “MELT class has been a welcome surprise.  Not only have I been able to ease the discomfort of a painful injury, but overall my body has welcomed a total re-hydration of joints I had no idea were “sticky.” And the best part is I can MELT at home on my own, as well as validating the old and learning new ways to MELT by attending class.  Shannon is committed and knowledgeable, and a delight to work with.” – G.W.
  • “Shannon is a devoted and thorough teacher and MELT has become an integral part of my injury rehabilitation and over-all wellness” – M.B.
  • “I love MELT.  The MELT method has helped me reduce pain in my feet and knee as well as reduced the stiffness in my back and hips.  I look forward to going to MELT each week.  After class I feel relaxed and re-energized.  I envision MELT being a part of my routine for a long long time.  Shannon is a fantastic teacher.  I am thankful for Shannons’ knowledge and skills and positivity.” -K. O.
  • MELT rocks. You do not have to live with pain and stiffness, you just roll it away. Shannon is a fabulous and caring teacher who will guide you to a more comfortable you. I actually feel like my body is whole and happy since I started MELTING, something I thought I would never feel again. R.M.

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