MELT Class Rates

Eugene MELT and Massage has Moved and is now Full Circle Fitness! Please visit for the current class information! 540222_631642146854362_1142476526_nThe price structure for Group Classes is as follows:

  • $18.00 Drop-In
  • $70.00/5 Classes ($14/class)
  • $130.00/10 Classes ($13/class)
  • $240.00/20 Classes ($12/class)

***If you purchase a package of multiple classes a punch card will be issued. Punch cards may be shared by family members. When punch cards are shared the expiration dates will be modified. Punch cards expire as follows:

  • 5 classes: 2 months from date purchased
  • 10 classes: 4 months from the date purchased
  • 20 classes: 6 months from the date purchased.

Please keep close track of your expiration dates. Cards will not be extended past the expiration date unless class is cancelled for instructor absence.

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