Deep Tissue Massage

I find this to be the most effective modality for treating many types of injuries and chronic pain. It is both corrective and therapeutic; addressing deeply held patterns of tension in the muscle fibers. It is a deeper, slower technique that focuses on specific areas of pain and dis-ease.

When muscle fibers are healthy they glide over each other, contracting and relaxing. When injury, overuse or trauma occur the fibers actually stick together, causing pain, immobility, numbness and spasm. injured muscles can go into a state of constant contraction and adhesions can develop.

The goal of Deep Tissue is to go in and “un-stick” these muscles and break down the adhesions while flushing toxins from the area. Deep Tissue also helps to break up and eliminate scar tissues that have formed as a result of injuries. While this can lead to a very intense session, Deep Tissue does not have to hurt and most clients feel that is very relaxing and are pleased with long lasting relief from pain.

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